Robert Marc “Second Nature” Collection

We’re big fans of the unique, handcrafted eyewear designs of Robert Marc. Marc’s fresh take combines classic and modern aesthetics to create a look that is at once contemporary and timeless. You can spot a pair of Marc’s glasses by their signature—but subtle—Robert Marc hinge, and he is widely recognized as an industry leader for creating a niche for couture eyewear.

newIn the tradition of couture, Marc releases seasonal eyewear collections, the most recent of which is his Spring/Summer ’16 “Second Nature” collection. This modern interpretation of the experience of nature sits in counterpoint to our busy lives, reflecting tranquility and calmness amidst our busy urban lives.

Color Story

The S/S ’16 “Second Nature” collection includes new colors for both men’s and women’s glasses. For women, the colors “mimic nature’s deep, lustrous colors of streams, vegetation, stones, and flowers” and include hues like “bamboo”, “river bank”, and “lotus leaf”. The colors for the men’s collection are “timeless, masculine, and refined” and include shades like “walnut”, “grey quarry”, and “forest”.

Shape Up

The “Second Nature” collection also uses frame shape to evoke the peace and tranquility of nature. For example, the Robert Marc 861 in River Bank for women takes a classic shape and modernizes it with a slightly exaggerated size. A contemporary version of tortoise design creates an overall look that’s preppy and professional, but with an updated, modern edge.

More than Summer Style

Sunglasses—especially here in Houston—are about more than just great style. When you need eye protection 365-days a year, you need performance and quality construction, too. Why settle for a series of inexpensive sunglasses when you could invest in a pair of high-quality signature glasses that, with proper care, will last for years to come? High-end eyewear is not just for people who require a prescription—it’s for people who require perfection.

Upgrade your look and upgrade your life with a pair of Robert Marc glasses. Stop in to Eye Elegance to learn more about Marc’s Spring/Summer ’16 “Second Nature” collection.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on all of the latest eyewear trends and styles.

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