Summer is a time to cast worries to the wind, cut loose and have fun. And this especially applies to those can forego their contact lenses, slip on a pair of designer sunglasses, and be on their way. No lubricating, no disinfection, and the great thing about prescription sunglasses is they’re fun to buy, available in all the latest styles and designer frames. But while so much attention is given to choosing a style for custom sunglasses, there’s also the question of color – lens color that is.

Does the color of a lens serve a purpose, or is it all about looks? The answer is yes, on both accounts. While prescription sunglasses for women and men come in different colors, they also provide specific benefits, especially for sports enthusiasts who have the option of choosing a pair of sports frames that accommodate interchangeable lenses.

Guide to Lens Tints

Real time lighting and environmental conditions determine which lens tints will be most beneficial for the wearer at any given time. For example the tint that will serve a volley ball player best on a sunny day at the beach will prove much too dark for the golf course on a cloudy overcast day. However the following outline can serve as a guide for matching color to specific use whether choosing designer sunglasses for competition or everyday wear.

• Gray: cuts down on overall brightness, yet has no impact on color recognition
• Green: preserves color balance while heightening contrast
• Copper, Brown, or Dark Amber: Heightens contrast, and provides visual acuity by blocking large amounts of blue light which is particularly useful amidst the green grass of summer viewed under the clear blue skies.
• Amber, Red, or Rose: optimizes contrast when worn on both sunny and partly cloudy days, however these colors also cause a significant color imbalance.
• Orange or Yellow: heightens contrast when worn on hazy, overcast days and improves focus by filtering out blue light.

Although these are the recommendations given by most eye care professionals, it doesn’t rule out experimentation when choosing sunglasses for women or putting together the details of custom sunglasses, and quite often, the best results are a matter of personal preference. This is why the best place to shop for prescription sunglasses is an optical boutique like ours that provides an array of tint samples so you can experiment with color in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere and evaluate particular colors in conditions that approximate those that summer holds in store.

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