Loving Right Now: Lindberg

You’ll love our latest selection of eyewear by Lindberg. Visit your favorite Eye Elegant location today so you don’t miss out on eye-catching new styles by one of our favorite luxury eyewear brands. Your new frames might be your first pair of Lindbergs, but we suspect they won’t be your last.

About Lindberg

Danish brand Lindberg was founded in 1983 by Poul-Jorn Lindberg, who enlisted architect Hans Dissing to design the AIR Titanium frame, launching an enduring luxury brand of custom eyewear. Lindberg has patented technical innovations that do away with the non-essentials—screws, rivets, welds—that weigh down traditional frames, resulting in a pair of incredibly strong, flexible frames that are among the most comfortable in the world.

Lindberg Titanium Collection

New Styles & Colors

Shop frames in new styles and colors by Lindberg at both Eye Elegance locations—Post Oak or our Montrose boutique. Some of the new styles and colors include:

  • Acet 505 in Midnight Blue/Silver, Smoke/Antique Black, and Matte Tortoise/Matte Silver
  • Acet 510 in Matte Brown/Brown
  • Alvis 49 Graphite/Silver
  • Alvis 51 Blue/Silver
  • Basic
  • Corona 40 and Corona 44
  • Mars
  • Matt 44 in Bronze
  • Plate 600 in Matte Silver, Red/Silver, and Black/Gold
  • Plate 602 in Shiny Brown
  • Plate 612 in Silver or Shiny Silver
  • Plate 614 in Scratched Silver
  • Rachel in Aqua/Green or Pink
  • Teitur in Matte Gold/Grey
  • 1816 Horn Unique
  • 1823 Horn Unique
  • 1840 Horn Sunglasses

This is just a selection of new styles by Lindberg at our Post Oak and Montrose boutiques. You’re going to love the luxury and quality of your new Lindberg frames.

REMINDER: End of Season Sale Extended through October 15!

The clock is ticking on the Eye Elegance end-of-season sale! Shop between now and Tuesday, October 15, to enjoy savings on some of your favorite brands:

  • 50% off all styles by J.F. Rey and Etnia Barcelona
  • 20% off all styles by Entourage of 7 and FEB31ST
  • 10% off all styles by BLAC and Bellinger

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