Robert Marc ‘Icon’ Collection

The very first Robert Marc Eyewear boutique opened in New York City in 1981, setting themselves apart in the eyewear market by highlighting not just the form but the fashion of eyewear. Your eyeglasses (and sunglasses) act as an extension of personal style—a necessary accessory—and Robert Marc eyewear is designed with your desire for style in mind. You’ll love the brand’s fresh, modern take on classic shapes and styles as well as their seasonal collections, developed in the tradition of the couture collections of Paris.

Robert Marc ICONS Collection

We love the latest collection from Robert Marc. The RMNYC ICONS collection renders all of your favorite tried-and-true classics in solid black, and the signature hinge can be in either eye-catching cold or an ultra-modern and stylish matte-black. Shop RMNYC ICON eyewear for women and men at Eye Elegance.

The Signature Robert Marc Hinge

The trademark Robert Marc eyewear hinge was “inspired by historical design and construction,” and adds an element of luxury to each pair of frames. The signature hinge design helped put Robert Marc Eyewear on the map, making the brand famous and subtly recognizable. We love the RMNYC ICONS hinge option in matte black—a modern take on Robert Marc’s signature feature.

Robert Marc Icon Collections Hinge Detail

ICONS of Iconic Eyewear

Classic, but unexpected, the ICONS collection by Robert Marc is just in time for fall. You’ll love the blend of modern and vintage vibes in the all-black collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women. Find Robert Marc ICONS now at Eye Elegance in Houston.

Robert Marc Icons Collections

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