Sports Safety & Eye Safety

What’s more shocking than tens of thousands of sports and recreation-related eye injuries each year? The fact that 90 percent of them are preventable when protective eyewear is used. Wearing your usual eyeglasses, or even a pair of sunglasses is not proper eye protection for sports and recreation.


Know the Risks


Understand the eye health risks associated with your favorite sports and activities. Regardless of age, most sports-related eye injuries are related to baseball, basketball, and various racquet sports; boxing and full-contact martial arts also high-risk sports for serious eye injuries—even blinding eye injuries.


Don’t forget eye health around the house. More than 40 percent of patients treated for eye injuries at home sustained those injuries while doing light home repair, yard work, and daily chores like cleaning and cooking.


Take Preventative Measures


Regular glasses and sunglasses don’t provide enough protection to prevent sports-related eye injuries, so take additional precautions to protect yourself. Use the helmets and face shields when playing sports like baseball, hockey, and football, and when playing racquet sports or basketball wear safety goggles. If you wear contacts or eyeglasses, make sure you have a backup pair when you’re performing an activity where you could damage or lose a lens.


Shop Safety at Eye Elegance


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